Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why advertisers should stay updated on advertising trends?

How does a brand owner announce the presence of his product in the market? Through advertising right? It provides a hint how advertising occupies a vital position in an organization’s product mix. Advertising is the only means to communicate the brand message among potential target customers. To advertiser a brand or business means to inform or announce the presence of the brand or service and to provide valuable detail that would interest the customers. The flow of communication from the seller to buyer is transmitted through an advertising campaign. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising and Online Advertising are the adopted means of communicating a brand or business message among customers. 

Advertising is not just about informing customers about the launch or presence of a brand in the market. An ad campaign goes further to influence and to persuade customers to take a desired action to buy the product then or in the near future. Customers cannot avail of any brand message without an advertising campaign. The mediums of advertising also play an important role. A strong means of advertising provides a rich impact among target groups. So, every advertiser should conduct a thorough survey on the various mediums of advertising before launching the campaign. Television advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising and Outdoor Advertising are traditional means of promotion. Mobile advertising and online advertising are  two latest means of promotion among advertisers. 

Today the consumer market has become highly competitive. The launches of new brands almost every day and the burgeoning market are two main factors that have encouraged advertisers to try different means and tactics of promotion. Advertisers however need to stay updated on the current marketing trends so that their brands can actively take part in the ongoing competition. It’s survival of the fittest even in the advertising world. Innovative means and measures are also welcomed to promote a brand among target groups.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ad-Mad-World of today!

In today’s world, advertising has become a common recipe among all the local, national and international brand and business owners. From small firms to big MNCs, advertising is one common marketing tool that is massively implemented among the business or brand owners. The new age mediums of advertising have further garnered the interest of brand and business owners to promote their products and services through more polished mediums of communication. Traditional mediums of advertising have also gone through rapid changes over the years. For example television advertising campaigns have relied on high-end technology to create a more attractive appeal on viewers’ mind. The change in technique is also observed among other forms of advertising such as radio advertising, print advertising and outdoor advertising.  

Radio Advertising as one of the means of promotion has become a more defined channel of brand communication. There are many FM channels for brand owners to choose from. Real estate industries heavily rely on radio advertising campaigns to communicate with their target groups. Print Advertising campaigns have also been redefined. Thanks to the launch of digital printing facilities, launching a print ad campaign of a brand or business is not time or much effort consuming in today’s world. Outdoor Advertising is a major sector of promotion that is continuously booming since the last few years. The expanded avenues of outdoor advertising such as airports, metros and mall advertisings have provided brand owners a gamut of choices to advertise their products. The launch of new shopping malls and the renovation of various airports have provided outdoor advertisers striking avenues to position their brands through OOH media. 

With more channels of communication and also with a rich technological wave spreading far and wide, brand and business owners these days have a craze for advertising through various avenues and mediums. Quite an Ad-Mad-World that we are living in! 

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Changing trend of advertising media!

Change is the only thing constant. Everything keeps changing be it the fashion trend in the market or the advertising medium used for promoting a particular brand or business in the market. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising etc. are a few means of brand or business promotion adopted by brand owners and advertisers. Each of these mediums of advertising has its own advantages and disadvantages. Besides there is also suitability of advertising  medium while launching a promotion campaign of a brand or business. For example, a television advertising campaign that runs successful for a particular FMCG product may not be effective for a business ad. Likewise, a radio advertising campaign on the same business idea may spark interest and attention among a wide target group.
 Internet has brought an amazing revolution in every sector not even sparing advertising world.  Narrowing communication gap among individuals across the world, internet has become the most used medium of communication for people across the world. The trend of online advertising is spreading fast in today’s world. Most of the brand owners these days prefer an online presence and also promotion of their brands. Online advertising is predicted as the future means of brand communication. One of the advantages of online advertising is that it provides complete control on the brand message. A brand owner can also instruct any kind of change in the existing ad copy or design. An online ad display is also advantageous for the very fact that it conveys the brand message to customers in a discreet manner without pestering them. Customers are always kings or queens when it comes to any type of online advertising. They have a choice to access or ignore the brand message. There isn’t any kind of force exerted on them to go through the brand message. Internet Advertising is also an ideal means for small business owners who want to position themselves in the market.
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Friday, May 3, 2013

How Advertising influences us?

We live in a society in which promotion messages bombard through many mediums of communication. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising and Outdoor Advertising displays surround us everywhere. Advertising has become a part of our culture as much as it is a marketing tool for brand owners. Many brand commercials influence our buying behaviour and also generate a sense of awareness among us. Traditional sources of brand communication such as television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising etc. have been communicating valuable brand messages to us.

With the launch of new-age media, a new paradigm is observed in advertising field. Apart from television, radio, print or outdoor media internet and mobile phone devices have also emerged as in-demand means of brand communication among brand owners.  The internet revolution has brought about drastic and dramatic changes in brand advertising.  The day seems not so far away when internet advertising will dominate every other medium of advertising. Marketers nevertheless opine that other advertising mediums will also be relevant as far as brand owners prefer to have gamut of choices about the media vehicles.

Most of the brand owners prefer to launch their campaigns through multiple channels of advertising to ensure that the brand message effectively reaches out to the potential target audience. It is indeed advantageous for every brand owner to launch his ad campaign through multiple channels of communication. Also known as media mix in marketing terminology, launching a promotion campaign through multiple media ensures effective reach among target groups.

Norms of advertising   may keep changing from time to time. Many tools of advertising may also be introduced or redefined in the near future. In all these, advertisers have to be ready with their promotional strategies to position their brands in the market. A continuous study on the changing trends of brand promotion is also a must for every brand owner.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Advertising beyond the conventional norms!

Today, advertising is not just about conveying a particular brand or business message through a medium. Advertising has surpassed the conventional norms. The induction of new age media has created an upsurge in advertising field. This blog highlights a few points on the changing norms of advertising and how conventional tactics are redefined by a contemporary touch. Keep reading.

The upsurge of online advertising is one of the landmarks in advertising field. Brands and businesses these days heavily rely on online media to promote their services among target groups. Content Advertising is one of the norms of promotion through online media. This type of advertising basically uses written content in the form of articles, blogs or press release copies to draw customers’ attention. A unique content is a must for any type of content advertising. Plagiarism is a threat to this type of advertisement. Advertisers should therefore make sure that any content they post on a publishing site is free of plagiarism. Submitting various write ups on article directories, posting articles or blogs on publishing sites, writing and publishing press releases on PR sites, social bookmarking, posting videos and comments etc. are categorized under content advertising.

Through content advertising, you can draw traffic on your website from two different sources. First is from the search engine and second one is from the website where you posted your content. If your content is unique, good and interesting to read with a catchy title, visitors will obviously read by directing themselves on your website or where you have published your article or blog. Article or Blog writing is a free of cost mode of advertising. If you can write a good contextual write up on your business, it may help a great deal in attracting many customers on your website. You can also create your own blog site where you can randomly write on your business. Most of the brand or business owners maintain a blog site of their own.