Friday, April 22, 2011

How motivational ads grab customer’s attention?

Advertisers use different appeals (humour, fear, ego, curiosity, motivation, emotion etc) while designing brand communication for their products. Depending upon the type and nature of the target group, the appeal of one ad campaign varies from another. An advertising appeal provides a human-touch to the brand communication. It helps the customers build up this mental notion that the particular brand caters to their likes and desires.

One of the most worked-out appeals widely used in brand advertising is motivation. Motivational ads provide audiences a compelling cause or reason to adopt the product. Though it requires a persuasive communication to provide motivational appeal, it cannot be termed as pestering. Motivational ads give direction to customers about how the brand will provide them something different and new (unlike other brands). Debating the interesting facts about motivational ads will enhance your idea about how such ads allure customer’s attention (without failure).

What is important in any brand advertising campaign is to effectively deliver the message and to create desire upon the audience’s mind to adopt the product (instantly or in the near future). Motivational ads provide a cause on the customers (to try out the product). One of the finest examples of motivational advertising is Nike’s commercials. Nike’s slogan- JUST DO IT- itself provides a motivational note to customers. Nike’s every commercial is themed upon motivation, motivation to break the myth, motivation to react against the odd. Indirectly hinting the message ‘Nothing is impossible’, through its adverts, Nike is one such brand which has been motivating sportspersons and youths all over the world for years. Though the main target group of Nike ads comprise mostly of youngsters, every walk of life gets motivated with the brand message provided in its commercials which has made the brand one of the favourite sports’ brand. There are various other brands such as Reebok, Puma, Adidas which offer the same brand features but when it comes to sports and adventures, customers JUST DO IT with Nike. To motivate and to provide a cause to target audiences, that’s how the cookies crumble in motivational advertising.

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